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Appetizers 頭檯

>• A1 Jelly Fish with Shredded Duck 海蜇鴨絲
>• A2 Jelly Fish with Sour Vegetables海蜇泡菜

>• A3 Jelly Fish with Pork海蜇熏蹄 
>• A4 Cold Cut Triple Delight三色拼盤 
• A5 Fried Crispy Squab 紅燒乳鴿(1) 
• A6 Fried Crispy Quail  紅燒鵪鶉(1) 
>• A7 Quail with Salt & Hot Pepper 椒鹽鵪鶉(1) 
• A8 Egg Rolls春卷 (2)

• A9 Vegetarian Spring Rolls 素春卷(2) 
• A10 Fried Chicken Wings 炸雞翅(10)  
• A11 Shrimp Toast 蝦多士(4)  
• A12 Cream Cheese Wontons 芝士雲吞(10)
• A13 Fried Dumplings 鍋貼(6) 
• A14 Steamed Dumplings 蒸餃(6)  

>Hot & Spicy Dishes

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