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Chef's Special Recommendations 廚師特別推薦

• Pig Feet with Salt & Hot Pepper 五香辣豬手 
• Drunken Pig Feet (4 pieces) 花雕藥膳浸豬手
• Chicken with Mushroom Hot Pot 三菇啫雞煲 
• Fish Head Hot Pot 狗仔斑頭腩煲

• Fish with Asparagus 筍尖石班柳
• Sliced Egg Tomato with Bean Curd Hot Pot蛋角番茄豆腐羹
• Fish with Sour Vegetables and Tofu Soup大盆酸菜魚
   (>Red Soup Spicy) (White Soup) 
>• Pork Ribs with Garlic 蒜香橙皮骨 
• Seafood with Wasabi Sauce.鮮茄拌海鮮球
• Pork Hock with Sour Vegetables 雙寶扣元蹄
• Smelt Fish w/Salt and Hot Pepper or Maggie Sauce 椒鹽/美極多春魚
• B.B.Q. Sauce Baby Squid in Hot Stone Bowl石鍋燒汁墨魚仔
• Curry Beef Stew in Hot Stone Bowl石鍋咖喱牛腩

• Pig Feet in Red Bean Curd Bowl南乳豬手煲
>• Oxtail Subgum Hot Pot 什錦牛尾煲
>• Beef Hock / Tendon Satay Hot Pot石鍋沙茶牛蹄筋
>• Soft Shell Crab軟殼蟹 (each)

>Hot & Spicy Dishes
Rice charges: Cup $1.80. Medium bowl (4 cups) $6.00. Large bowl (8 cups) $10.00. Minimum Charge: $6.00 per Person. Special Tea $1.50 per Person.A 15% gratuity will be added to parties of 5 or more.

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