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 Set Course(for 10 people) 十人套餐  MAXIMUN 2 TABLES

• Crab Meat with Fish Tripe Soup蟹肉肚絲羹 
• B.B.Q. Assortment Platter燒味大拼盤 
• Sauteed Seafood Delight翡翠海鮮球 
• Sauteed Sea Cucumber with Black Mushroom & Vegetable冬菇海參扒菜膽 
• Baked Lobster for Two椒鹽雙龍蝦 
• Steamed Fish清蒸海上鮮 
• Crispy Chicken (whole)當紅炸子雞(一隻)
• Black Mushroom Stir Fried with E-Fu Noodles干燒伊麵
• Yang Chow Fried Rice揚州炒飯

• Seafood with Dried Bamboo Shoots Soup竹笙海皇羹
• Cold Cut Triple Delight 三色拼盤
• Seafood with "Bird's Net" 雀巢海鮮球
•Sauteed Sea Cucumber with Black Mushroom & Vegetable冬菇海參扒菜膽
• Lobster with Ginger & Green Onion (2) 薑蔥雙龍蝦
• Crab Meat with Pea-Tips蟹肉扒豆苗
• Salted Baked Chicken (whole)東江鹽焗雞 
• Deep Fried Fish with Hunan Sauce湖南炸海上鮮
• Dried Scallop with E-Fu Noodle瑤柱扒伊麵
• Oyster & Roast Duck Fried Rice火鴨粒生蠔炒飯

• Crab Meat with Fish Tripe Soup 蟹肉魚肚羹
• Deep Fried Squab (3) 紅燒乳鴿(三隻)
• Shrimp Ball with Walnut核桃明蝦球
• Sizzling Beef Steak with Black Pepper鐵板黑椒牛柳 
• Sauteed Lobster with XO Sauce (2) Sauteed Sea Cucumber with Black Mushroom & Vegetable XO醬炒雙龍蝦
• Deep Fried Crispy Chicken (whole)當紅炸子雞(一隻)
• Steamed Fish with Black Bean Sauce豉汁蒸海上鮮
• Seafood with E-Fu Noodle 海鮮扒伊麵
• Dried Scallops with Egg Fried Rice蛋白瑤柱炒飯

D#  • Seafood Tofu Soup海鮮豆腐羹 
• B.B.Q Assorted Platter燒味大拼盤
• Princess Chicken 貴妃雞(一隻)
• Beef Ribs with Black Pepper黑椒牛仔骨
• Shrimp Ball with Walnut核桃明蝦球 
• Lobster in Hong Kong Style (2)避風塘龍蝦(兩隻)
• Deep Fried Fish with Special Sweet & Sour Sauce五柳炸海上鮮
• Sauteed Boneless Duck Feet with Sea Cucumber & Vegetable 海參鮮掌扒菜膽
• Dried Scallops with E-Fu Noodle 瑤柱扒伊麵
• Seafood Fried Rice with XO Sauce XO醬海鮮炒飯

>Hot & Spicy Dishes
15% gratuity will be added to parties of 5 or more.

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