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Seafood-1 海鮮-1

• SF1 Lobster in Ginger & Green Onions薑蔥炒龍蝦.... Seasonal Price 
• SF2 Baked Lobster in Top Broth上湯焗龍蝦....Seasonal Price 
• SF3 Lobster with Black Bean Sauce豉汁炒龍蝦....Seasonal Price
• SF4 Sauteed Crab with Ginger & Green Onions薑蔥炒大蟹....Seasonal Price 
>• SF5 Fried Crab Hong Kong Styl避風塘炒蟹....Seasonal Price 
• SF6 Steamed Crab清蒸大蟹....Seasonal Price 
>• SF7 Crab with Salt & Hot Pepper 椒鹽大蟹.... Seasonal Price
• SF8  Bean Thread & Crab Hot Pot粉絲蟹煲.... Seasonal Price 
>• SF9 Crab with XO Sauce XO醬炒大蟹....Seasonal Price
>• SF10 Sauteed Crab with Curry Sauce咖喱炒大蟹....Seasonal Price
• SF11 Steamed Sole清蒸大龍利....Seasonal Price 
• SF12 Deep Fried Sole with Soy Sauce幹煎大龍利 ....Seasonal Price
• SF13 Deep Fried Sole with Vegetables骨香龍利球....Seasonal Price
• SF14 Steamed Walleye 清蒸批魚....Seasonal Price
• SF15 Steamed (or Fried) Walleye with Black Bean Sauce豉汁蒸(炸)批魚.... Seasonal Price
• SF16 Deep Fried Walleye with Hunan Sauce湖南炸批魚....Seasonal Price
• SF17 Deep Fried Walleye with Meat Sauce肉絲炸批魚....Seasonal Price
• SF18 Steamed Oysters清蒸殼蠔....Seasonal Price 
• SF19 Steamed Oysters with Black Bean Sauce豉汁蒸殼蠔....Seasonal Price
• SF20 Steamed Oysters with Garlic Sauce蒜蓉蒸殼蠔....Seasonal Price
• SF21 Ginger & Scallion Baked Oysters薑蔥焗生蠔....Seasonal Price

• SF22 Deep Fried Oysters酥炸大生蠔....Seasonal Price

• SF23 Sauteed Scallops with Vegetables 油泡帶子
• SF24 Scallops with Salt & Hot Pepper 椒鹽帶子 

• SF25 Clams with Black Bean Sauce 豉汁炒大蜆
• SF26 Drunken Clams沙翁醉蜆
>• SF27 Clams with Satay Seasonal Price沙爹炒大蜆  
• SF28 Clams with XO Sauce XO醬炒大蜆
• SF29 Steamed Clams with Garlic Sauce蒜蓉蒸大蜆
• SF30 Chive Flowers with Sea Snails韭菜花炒嚮螺片
• SF31 Steamed Sea Snails白灼嚮螺片

• SF32 Sauteed Sea Snails with Vegetables油泡嚮螺片

• SF33 Sauteed Sea Snails with Black Bean Sauce豉汁嚮螺片

• SF34  Boiled Prawns with Soy Sauce白灼中蝦
>• SF35 Prawns with Salt & Hot Pepper椒鹽焗中蝦

• SF36 Steamed Prawns with Garlic Sauce蒜蓉蒸中蝦

>Hot & Spicy Dishes
15% gratuity will be added to parties of 5 or more.

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