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Noodles & Chow Fun 粉麵

• N1 Black Mushroom Stir Fried with E-Fu Noodle 乾燒伊麵
• N2 Sauteed Lobster with E-Fu Noodle龍蝦伊麵....  Seasona Price 
• N3 Crab Meat with E-Fu Noodle  蟹肉扒伊麵
• N4 Dried Scallops with E-Fu Noodle瑤柱伊麵
• N5 Three Sliced with E-Fu Noodle三絲扒伊麵
• N6 Seafood with E-Fu Noodle 海鮮扒伊麵 
• N7 Sauteed Crab with E-Fu Noodle (whole Crab)大蟹扒伊麵.... Seasonal Price 
• N8 Seafood Combination w/E-Fu Noodle Soup鴻圖窩伊麵
• N9 Seafood Combination Noodle Soup鴻圖窩面

• N10 Three Sliced Fried Noodle 三絲煎面
• N11 Beef Fried Noodle牛肉煎面 
• N12 Pork Fried Noodle 肉絲煎面
• N13 Shredded Chicken Fried Noodle 雞絲煎面

• N14 Seafood Fried Noodle 海鮮煎面
• N15 Beef Chow Fun with Soy Sauce干炒牛河

• N16 Beef Chow Fun with Vegetables濕炒牛河

• N17 Beef Chow Fun with Black Bean Sauce 豉椒炒牛河 
• N18 Seafood Chow Fun with Vegetables海鮮炒河  
• N19 Plain Chow Fun with Soy Sauce豉油皇炒河
>• N20 Malaysian Chow Fun 馬來貴刁
• N21  Preserved Mustard Green and Duck with Rice Noodle雪萊鴨絲炒米粉

>• N22 Singapore Rice Noodle 星洲炒米粉
• N23 Amoy Style Rice Vermicelli廈門炒米粉

• N24 Plain Pan bried Noodle with Soy Sauce豉油皇撈麵
• N25 Seafood Lo Mein  海鮮撈麵 
• N26 B.B.Q Pork Lo Mein叉燒撈麵
• N27 Sliced Chicken Lo Mein雞絲撈麵

• N28 Beef Lo Mein 牛肉撈麵

• N29 Vegetable Lo Mein 素菜撈麵

>Hot & Spicy Dishes
15% gratuity will be added to parties of 5 or more.

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