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Duck 鴨 

• D1 Roast Duck 明爐火鴨(1/2)
        Roast Duck 明爐火鴨(全鸭)
• D2 House Special Duck 八珍扒鴨(1/2)
• D4 Crispy Fried Duck 香酥鴨
• D5 Sizzling Duck  鐵板鴨
• D6 Boneless Duck with Vegetables 羅漢扒鴨
• D7 Pressed Duck 西湖鴨

• D8 Peking Duck北京片批鴨 
  Traditional Manner (three - course)
  Conventional Manner (one - course)

>Hot & Spicy Dishes
15% gratuity will be added to parties of 5 or more.

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