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Beef 牛

• BF1 Beef Ribs with Black Pepper  黑椒牛仔骨
>• BF2 Beef Ribs with Wet Bean Curd 椒絲腐乳牛仔骨 
>• BF3 Beef Ribs with Salt & Hot Pepper 椒鹽牛仔骨

• BF4 Shredded Beef with Sour Vegetables 味菜牛柳絲 
• BF5 Beef Steak Chinese Style 中式焗牛柳

• BF6 Sizzling Beef with Black Pepper鐵板黑椒牛柳

• BF7 Steamed Beef Tripe with Soy Sauce白灼牛百葉 

• BF8 Beef Tripe with Sour Vegetables 味菜牛百葉 
• BF9 Beef Tripe with Black Bean Sauce豉椒牛百葉

• BF10 Beef Stomach with Satay Sauce沙爹金錢肚 
• BF11 Beef Stomach with Black Bean Sauce豉椒金錢肚

• BF12 Beef with Vegetables菜遠炒牛肉
• BF13 Beef with Chinese Broccoli 蘭遠炒牛肉 
• BF14 Beef with Bitter Melon涼瓜炒牛肉

>• BF15 Sizzling Satay Beef 鐵板沙爹牛 
• BF16 Egg Mixed Beef 滑蛋炒牛肉

• BF17 Moo Shu Beef 木須牛肉

• BF18 Beef with Snow Peapods雪豆牛肉

• BF19 Beef with Oyster Sauce BF25 Kung Pao Beef蠔油牛肉 
• BF20 Beef with Tomato and Green Pepper番茄牛肉

• BF21 Sizzling Beef with Black Bean Sauce鐵板豆豉牛肉

• BF22 Mongolian Beef 蔥爆牛肉

>• BF23 Beef in Garlic Sauce魚香牛肉

>• BF24 Beef Szechuan Style 四川牛肉 
>• BF25 Kung Pao Beef宮保牛肉

>• BF26 Beef with Broccoli 西蘭牛肉

>• BF27 Beef with Asparagus蘆筍牛肉 
>• BF28 Mandarin Beef沙茶牛肉 
>• BF29 Sesame Beef 芝麻牛肉

>• BF30 Tangerine Beef桔子牛肉 

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